Exciting title isn’t it? Well that’s about as exciting as it gets. Woo woo!!

The boy is having his ingrown toenail on his right foot done this afternoon. The left was done a month ago. The part that hurts is the shot you get in the toe to make it numb. He is not a happy boy. At least he knows what to expect, but the shot scares him half to death.

<——Evil tool of torture used by medical health professionals.

This weekend the gals (Betsy, Heather, Donna, Leslie and I) and I are getting together to knit. It is Worldwide Knit In Public Day in case you didn’t know. It will be good to see everyone again. Hope you can make it Yvonne!

In case you didn’t hear the news, KNIT ONE is opening a shop in CRANBERRY! That’s good news for all Cranberrians and the CRANKY KNITTERS.

Plus I just realized that FATHER’S DAY is this SUNDAY! I thought I had another week. That means I need to get some stuff to make lasagna–the favorite food of Dad’s everywhere. I also need to call my dad to invite him over, which means I need to seriously do some cleaning.

BTW, the carpet cleaners can’t come out till the second week in July. 😦

GHOST HUNTERS was fun to watch last night. Tango’s dad was on and they were so cute working together.  His dad said “you can boss me around here, but you have to come home”— tee hee!  Typical dad.  Tango is only about 23 years old. What a baby!  They advertised the MIDSEASON finale– then it’s not really a finale if it’s only midseason.  Hmm.  I know GHOST HUNTERS INTERNATIONAL comes on in July for a number of episodes.

To me that’s been the only thing worth watching.  We watch alot of SAVED BY THE BELL, ZOEY 101 and THE NAKED BROTHERS BAND in this house.

Well have a good time today!  I saved $1.30 a gallon on my gas at GETGO. That made me happy today! 🙂


2 responses to this post.

  1. When? Where?!
    BTW, try ServiceMaster for getting the carpet cleaned. You may be able to get them out faster.


  2. I totally agree with not much on… I did watch Ghost Hunters last night… But, you are right the kids flicks are usually what we watch… hehe


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