Customer service has just gone down the tubes these days….

The dog was sick ….carpets got pooped on….I did the best I could with a scrub brush and a bucket.. I called SERVICEMASTER (who we have used to clean carpets for 20 years)…they couldn’t schedule me until tomorrow….even though it was a month away.  Now they called and cancelled.  Not Postponed.  Cancelled. She says “uh, we are too busy”.  Ok.

Anyone know a decent carpet cleaner??? Or do you have one you would recommend BUYING????

mood:  Disgusted


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  1. If you haven’t tried this already, try a paste of Oxyclean on it and leave it on for a while, then wet it again and scrub. While poop is definitely worse, I remember getting tomato juice all over the carpet once, and it came out like magic. For that matter, when my kid was potty training, we had some gifts on the floor as well. We have one of those Little Green Machines from Bissell, and it worked wonders more often than not. It’s a good investment to have at home.


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