Sunday sermon

Conviction –now that is a term that was once circled around in christian conversation, probably back in the late 70’s and 80’s when it wasn’t embarrassing to admit that you watched Jim Bakker and The PTL Club .  Being “convicted” meant that you came to a realization of what needed to be done spiritually and you were going to do it.  Many people would say they were “convicted” when they quit smoking, or quit drinking, or quit doing drugs…or when they thought they were doing something wrong…and they recognized it.  It’s a term like “born again” that was volleyed about at the time.

We started going to a new church a few months ago.  We aren’t up to several months yet.  It’s a nice place.  Much more contemporary than the church we attended for 26 years or so.  It was  a big decision to leave the other church.  No one there hurt us, or “did anything to us”. It was just time for us to go.  When you aren’t getting anything out of church besides a nice long shopping list, it’s time to move on.  The pastor was a nice guy.  The people were nice people.  So we are at a new place, are settling in to new ways and new people (and alot of people I knew from the other church). Church should feel like “home”, and it’s starting to feel that way.  One thing is that I have probably learned more from this new place than I have learned in 10 years at the other one.

That’s a good feeling.  To learn. To know. To understand. It’s a feeling I’ve lost over a period of time.   Hmmm…. am I getting convicted???


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