Well I am getting some time to do this today since my son is out helping my brother.

What have I been doing:

Well, laundry and knitting mostly.

My Ravelympics project is coming along nicely –I am on my second skein of yarn and am nearly ready to start the next section.  It is funny because when I look on Ravelry there are people who finished their Ravelympic projects already.  I thought the idea of it was to stretch your self and do something you hadn’t done before — and PEOPLE ARE DONE ALREADY!  Ok… I know this is for fun and games and is a  motivational tool, but still….

I went to BARNES and NOBLE last night to knit. I haven’t been there in forever, and as soon as I pulled in and couldn’t find a parking space it reminded me of why I hate it there.  I love the group. I love the people. I, of course, love the knitting.  But why Monroeville Mall built this “DISTRICT” the way they did is ridiculous.  It does not encourage me to go to Barnes and Noble there because of the lousy parking. I would much prefer going to the GREENSBURG Barnes and Noble or to the MONROEVILLE BORDERS because they have decent PARKING!!!!!!!  But it was great to see Sandie, as always, and Sonja and her adorable little boy Chase.  Betsy and Leslie came too, which was great to see them again.

We have been getting together more this summer (Betsy, Leslie, Donna and Heather) and it’s been great!  As a matter of fact, we are meeting for lunch today!

What else have I been up to?

We were dying KNITPICKS SOCK BLANKS!  We had a great time at Leslie’s house playing chemist and mixing all the dyes and then experimenting with the colors.  I used chartreuse and lilac and skeined up it looks great!

You can see the little doggy feet under my drying sock blank… that is Leslie’s 135 pound puppy, Athena.

There are our sock blanks draped on the clothes line to dry.

It was great fun, we didn’t make TOO MUCH of a mess (my chartreuse green knee got clean when I showered), and we plan to order some more sock blanks and do it again.  Now that we have the hang of it!  We all have a better idea for next time.

I didn’t post everyone elses blanks because that is for them to do and I didn’t know if they would want their photos pasted on the internet since we were being goofy.

Here is my sloppy self holding my sock blank.  I love the chartreuse and lilac… they are seriously fluorescent!  Next time I would put vinegar in the dye before I put it on so it doesn’t run and I would use some yellow in it to liven it up.  Although chartreuse and lilac is pretty lively. I want to do the STEELER COLORS (black and gold) because I love how Leslie’s is knitting up.

It is destined to be socks, but they’ve gotta wait ’til MR GREENJEANS is fini.

Thanks for noticing!!


2 responses to this post.

  1. I’m so glad you sound better today!


  2. Posted by anne marie in philly on August 17, 2008 at 2:31 pm

    you are NOT sloppy, you look wonderful!

    will be interesting to see how the flat knits up into sox.


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