Olympic update.

Ok, I am plugging away at Mr. Greenjeans.  I am about to separate for the sleeves, so I am making some progress. However at this rate I will never get finished by sunday.  Crap, it is already tuesday!!!  I am happy for the motivation and it is something I want to finish and wear, so I will finish it.  The cold weather will becoming sooner than later. Like Chicagoians (i.e. FRANKLIN), we western PA’ns need chilly and cold weather gear too.  YES,  we do wear shorts when it is 40ºF outside but it will usually be with a STEELER sweatshirt.

In other news: I love my new washing machine.  The dryer is nice as well but it is not giving me the thrill that the washing machine is.  We named them GUIDO and LUIGI.

School starts next week –Monday– my bro, the fifth grade teacher, started today.  The kids go next week.  We have the school supplies but need to do haircut and shoe shopping.  10-1/2 shoes!! The kid wears 10-1/2 shoes!  He hasn’t hit the growth spurt yet, so I can’t wait to see how big the feet get then! SIXTH grade is looming large.  I hope this is a good year.  Last year wasn’t too bad of a year, although its back to getting up at the crack of dawn for us. This morning he set his alarm for 6 AM and the blasted thing rang for 52 minutes before I FINALLY went in and shut it off.  I thought “let’s see how long this takes?!”  Well he slept until almost NINE.

Well Guido and Luigi just buzzed for my attention, so i will go for now.

Thanks for noticing!


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  1. Huge feet. Maybe he’s the next Michael Phelps.


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