I loved all the comments on my last post RE: the McCain/Palin campaign.  I especially enjoyed the one from my REPUBLICAN FRIEND. (I’d be happy to know who you are –you know me–I agree to disagree) I’d like to know more about this HOPE.  You know I was raised by Republicans so I wasn’t always this democrat with socialist leanings.  My mother always said “Republican born, Republican bred, and when you die, you’ll be Republican dead”.  I’d rather register as an independent, but then you only get to vote 1/2 the time.  If I take those tests on the internet it tells me I am Centrist, or a Moderate.  WANT TO TRY A QUIZ?  HERE IS A GOOD ONE.   Here are my results from this one. 

Conservative/Progressive score: 2

You are a social conservative. You believe in traditional values, and care first and foremost about your country, your family, and your religion. You dislike the agenda of the left because you see them as trying to destroy these things.

Capitalist Purist/Social Capitalist score: 10 
You’re a Social Capitalist, you think that, left to its own, Capitalism leaves a lot of people behind. You think that Health Care should be free to all, that the minimum wage should be raised, and that the government should provide jobs to all that are capable of having them. You likely hated the Bush tax cuts, and believe that the middle class has gotten poorer, and the rich have gotten richer over the past several years. The far extreme of social capitalism is socialism.

Libertarian/Authoritarian score: 9 
You’re an Authoritarian. You believe that that, left to their own, many people will do immoral or harmful things. You despise drug users, pornography, violence, and all other things that you consider immoral. You also think that security is often more important than protecting rights. You think children need to be protected from seeing these things so it doesn’t warp their minds, and that the will of the majority sometimes is more important than the rights of the minority.

Pacifist/Militarist score: 0 
You’re a Pacifist. You are angered that the United States thinks it should dominate the world through its military force. You think that the only time war is necessary is when we are in direct danger of being attacked. You also believe the US spends way too much of its money on defense, as we can practically cut it in half and still easily defend ourselves, and use that money to fix all our economic problems.

Overall, you would most likely fit into the category of Moderate

So tell me about this HOPE.  To me Reagan and Bush have destroyed the country. Does OBAMA mean HOPE?  Not sure.  How about CHANGE??  I think the government needs shaken up a bit. I think it does need changed.  The STATUS QUO has to change.   The only HOPE I know comes from GOD alone.  

Kathy mentioned the religious right in her comments.  I get annoyed that people think Christian and Republican are synonymous.  

Just what DO I BELIEVE?

Do I believe in GOD?


Am I anti-abortion?

YES, however I don’t think it is the government’s job to dictate that or pay for it, if you want one, you pay for it yourself.  I think it’s a shame that a parent has to sign for a 13 year old to get her ear’s pierced, but she can have an abortion without parental knowledge.

Am I anti-war?


Does that make me anti-troops


Am I anti-gun?

Yes. It’s a personal decision on my part. I will not have a gun or live in a home with a gun in it.  I have no reason to have a gun. I don’t hunt and don’t believe in it.  And do not eat hunted meat. That is why there are grocery stores.  I am also a crack shot and primary reason I do not have a gun is that I would probably shoot someone with it. 

What about health care? 

I think it’s too bad that it isn’t available to everyone.  The insurance companies have made everything so expensive.  We do have decent health care, and it is available through my husband’s job. We are fortunate. I wouldn’t be able to afford the medication I take otherwise.  

Is Global Warming fact or fallacy?

Fact. It’s also part of a natural progression of things and can’t be controlled by government means. 

Should you recycle? 

Where possible.  Where are we going to put all this trash?? I remember when I was a kid how people would just FLING things out the window of their cars when they were done with it.  The streets were littered with cups and Burger Chef bags (REMEMBER BURGER CHEF AND JEFF???), cigarette butts and packs, pop bottles.  I am glad people are cleaning up after themselves a bit now.  

Edited to add:

What do I think about gay marriage? 

#1 not my business, #2 who am I to say someone can’t love who they choose

Should there be a constitutional amendment declaring marriage between a man and a woman only?  

Not the government’s place to dictate that kind of stuff.  Isn’t that what the Taliban does?? 

let’s see what I ramble on about some more?? LOL!!!! 

Hmm….. give me some time to think about it..

What is in store for my Thursday?  I am going to the bank to pay the mortgage and going to the doctor’s. Have been having what I call anxiety attacks… I gotta go get that checked.  

Maybe it’s more of the growing old crap.

I am trying the new GOOGLE Browser CHROME.  I like it so far.  Better than IE. Mozilla screwed me up so I am “disenchanted” by it at this time.


See ya later!  Thanks for noticing!!


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Stick on November 3, 2008 at 9:07 am

    I’m just reading through your blog since your post today led me here. My sympathies to you for the loss of your friend. I am Pro-Choice and I respect your point of view on abortion. I wanted to make 2 points in response to your comment on abortion:

    1. The government does not and has not paid for abortions. It’s a common misconception that Federal monies are used for such services. They aren’t. There are abortion providers who do receive Federal Grant funding but it is specifically for family planning services – birth control, gynecological exams, etc…. The providers who receive those funds provide extensive reports and paperwork that show the money is never spent on abortion. So women who have them do, in fact, pay for them (or receive charitable assistance, but not from the feds.)

    2. Parental consent is mighty touchy and I respect that a parent should know what his/her teen is up to. But it is also important to remember that some young women become pregnant because the male adult/parent in their life has raped them. In those instances, which are sadly far greater than you’d like to know about, it is not fair to the young woman to force her to tell the perpetrator of the crime.

    Again, this is a very difficult concept, but in order to protect the most vulnerable, I see it as only fair not to insist on parental notification. Rather, I support comprehensive sex education that promotes open conversation so teens know how to protect themselves and behave accordingly, and if, in the case of incest, know they have somewhere to turn.

    Again, I totally respect your opinions above. I hope eventually all citizens will think things through the way you do.



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