Quilty stuff and a Memorial.

Since I joined the Greater Irwin Area Quilt Guild with my compadre, Kathy, I have been discovering all sort of nice quilty things.

Now here is a nice contest HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JANE! over at JANE’S FABRIC AND QUILTS.  She’s giving away a prize for wishing her a happy birthday!

No update from Mrs. Stewart about Lois, so I have no news to tell.  Thank you for your prayers and concerns.

and don’t forget (how can we?) that today is 9/11.

Give homage to those who died that day.  I put our flag out.  I know I will never forget, FLIGHT 93 that crashed in Shanksville PA flew over my house that day, very low. So low, I stood on the porch looking at it thinking “why is that plane so low?”. Minutes later it came down.  Shanksville is only about 55 miles away from here.

Shortly after someone made all these angels, one for each person who died on the flight and put them up on the land at Shanksville.

The permanent memorial has yet to be built.  NATIONAL MEMORIAL DONATIONS


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  1. thank you for the beautiful tribute. I was actually flying from NY to San Jose, CA on 9/11 that morning – in the air when the first attack happened – and my plane landed (safely) in Kansas City, MO – I rented a car and drove home (the very short version of the story) – a scary moment… and the most interesting to me was that even though we were diverted and landed it never occured to me that something really bad was happening – I just thought “we have to land…”

    Every time I think of New York I remember my few days there (the only days I have been there) and how I only made it to Syracuse and never NYC –

    one other thing – the conference I was at – one lady there was going to NYC on 9/10 that evening but that afternoon her purse was stolen (causing a delay in her plans) – she was going to the World Trade Center for a tour that morning of 9/11 – she didn’t get to go and it was a very strange feeling to hear the story and remember this detail years later…. she could have possibly been there…

    my heart goes out to those who continue to mourn – this life is not always an easy one… but everywhere we turn there are lessons to learn.


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