Today is the day!

Today is the day people.   VOTE — VOTE — VOTE!

Here is a quote from my friend THE EVIL SCIENCE CHICK :

” before you vote, ask yourselves if you want to vote for someone who has done everything he could to inspire hope and change with his campaign…or vote for someone who has based his entire campaign on negativity and fear.  If your candidate has filled you with TERROR AND DREAD over the possibility of the other guy winning, then maybe you need to consider a different candidate.  This is an election between two good men with different ideas.  Not an election between WARRING ISLAND CANNIBAL TRIBES. Let’s all keep things in perspective, mkay?  Vote with your eyes closed and your EARS OPEN.”

Just DO IT!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Warring Island Cannibal Tribes!


  2. The Power of the PEOPLE, we have become a true Nation that is very serious about equality!There is change and change is good! We got our Nation back on track!


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