Happy New Year!

Well, at least New Years Eve.

No, I haven’t been here for awhile. Nothing to say.

Now, I can hear you laughing and saying under your breath “oh yeah, Cheryl, with nothing to say!” but really, nothing interesting in my opinion.

When I throw myself into this depression thing, I am not the ordinarily fun and cheery person that you know.  I become this, as my son calls it “13itch” (because the 1 and the 3 make a b–ya know??).  Now he doesn’t call ME that because he knows I will start crying and he hates when I cry, but he told me about people online that write 13itch.  I think that’s kind of funny.

Tonite is the last day of the year..  On the other side of the year it’s already 2009, but here in the USofA it is still 2008.  My son is going all night bowling with his cousins. I will be at home worrying about him being gone and coughing.  Hubbo is driving him down to his brother’s and then picking him back up at 2 AM, so this evening will probably spent watching some crap on the military channel.

Christmas was nice and quiet and is in the past.  We saw someone at Target carrying a Christmas tree and B remarked about them buying a tree now, and I said “FOR NEXT YEAR”, Oh.  I’ve been sick since Christmeas night, so I have spent most of the time from last week to this medicated, sleeping and coughing.  I haven’t seen anyone (sorry peeps, I missed knitting with you!) and haven’t really gone anywhere because I just haven’t been up to it.
I did however PROMISE my son I would take him to the movies while he was off school for christmas, so heavily medicated and loaded with kleenex and coughdrops did we a go.  We saw BEDTIME STORIES, which is the new movie that is out with  Adam Sandler in it.  WE LOVED IT!!  It was funny and touching and we loved it.  The critics are panning it, well I figured going in it wasn’t Shakespeare.  Ignore the critics and if you like to laugh, go see it.  It’s a sweet story.

2008 past.  Time flew like crazy.  You know they always say that time goes faster as you get older.  I believe it.  A little run down of 2008?  I finished 11 knitting projects. I read 50 books.  I went to MSWF ( Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival) on the bus from KnitOne.  (We already have plans to go next year driving down for the day –I said I am not going by myself  in 2009). I went to quilt guild with my friend, Kathy, and made one quilt top (which I have to put the back on yet). We started going to a different church after about 26 years at the other one.

My last year’s resolution was to not buy any books at the bookstore.  I was to either get it from the library or from paperbackswap.com– I did pretty good, I only bought a couple paperbacks.  Knitting books did not count.

I liked that resolution. I will try it again this year. It saved me a heck of alot of money.

I didn’t lose weight…big surprise…there is always the next year.  I’ve been saying that for about 30 years now.

So any big ideas for 2009?

Nah, I hope to stay as sane as I can be.

Knit more.

Talk less.

Eat better.

Love completely.

HAPPY NEW YEAR MY FRIENDS!  I hope your old year was a good one and hope your new one is HAPPY, HEALTHY and PROSPEROUS. I love you all.

Thanks for noticing.


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  1. Happy New Year!! I hope you feel better soon. hugs!


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