Good Morning

Not a whole lot going on here. I have been sick since Christmas night, but am finally showing some improvement.

Haven’t done any knitting, I haven’t felt well enough.  I was finishing this cabled bag that was a UFO for about 2 years probably, and when I put the handles on I hated it, so I cut the handles off and threw it in the garbage. Bye Bye!  I hated the yarn. The cabling looked nice. I knew it was something I would never use so it got pitched.

Started knitting ABSORBA from the MASON DIXON KNITTING BOOK to use up some cotton yarn, since I have about 10 kazillion balls of it.  I love the pattern, but I do want it in the solid color, like in the book, I am not crazy about the color switching.  I will take a picture when I make more progress.

Started reading a book, but again, wasn’t feeling well enough.

What I did do the past couple days is build a jigsaw puzzle.  That is something I like doing and haven’t done in a long time.  When we were first married and had no cable or money, we did that alot; built puzzles, played YAHTZEE. That was our entertainment.  We got too busy to do that kind of stuff over time.  Now thinking of that got me thinking about some things.

I love jigsaw puzzles and crossword puzzles and sudoku puzzles and logic puzzles and the like.  Is this something that is going to fade out with “my” generation?  They say newspapers and magazines are going to the wayside because people get their news from the internet.  Will puzzles and other forms of written entertainment go with them?  Now electronic devices like the Nintendo DS have “brain exercising” games. Even books–now there are electronic reading devices and audio books.  Just got me thinking a little bit.  Do younger people do puzzles and things?  I am on the younger side of  being old, but I can see some things that I think “oh that’s for young people”.

I am glad the younger people have embraced knitting and the whole creative arts community.  Kids (of knitters) anyway, are being brought up  with creative minds. One of the gals I knit with (I think gals is a stupid word, but thought girls sounds even dumber) is a teacher in a middle school setting, and has been teaching kids to knit.  They are excited and grabbing on to it like kids in a candy store. My son has had some decent art teachers during his time in school (he’s now in the 6th grade) He has been exposed to alot of interesting art concepts and creative resources.  I love going to a show of some kind (like Handmade Arcade) where indie fiber artists have their products.  It is exciting and encouraging.  If you are reading this and have children or grandchildren, I hope you are kindling a spark of creativity in them. That is one of the things that will define the future.

Thanks for listening.


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