The boy is off school today, so I am sharing computer time with him.

I am FINALLY done being sick. I just hope it stays that way.


I have been crocheting this month. I need to replace a couple dishcloths that got ratty and I crochet alot quicker than I knit. I whipped up three of them while watching tv.  I am also working on the never-ending, ever pattern changing afghan for my son. It is crocheted too.


I watched THE CEMETARY SHOW on Netflix, which is done by Rick Sebak. He is a local documentarian.  I enjoy his programs and this is one I hadn’t seen.  It is naturally about CEMETARIES.  Very interesting.

I also watched SONG OF BERNADETTE on Netflix, which is an old movie with Jennifer Jones in it.  It is one of my all time favorite movies.  I actually have a VHS tape of it, but saw it was on the list and decided to watch it.  IT is about the Catholic saint, Saint Bernadette.  I am not Catholic, so I guess it is odd that I like this movie.  It is a story of great faith and great faithfulness.

Another movie of great faith that I love,  is THE  INN OF THE SIXTH HAPPINESS.  It is again a story of faith, with Ingrid Bergman starring as the female lead.

Both of these movies are on the instant watch section of netflix.

I also watched the first episode of BIG LOVE –I guess it was the pilot.  I thought it was alot like  DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES.  I liked it well enough but not enough to watch the rest of them.  BTW, if you are inclined, I do believe it come back with a new season on  HBO, maybe tonite.

American Idol:

I watched the first night (2 hrs) and the second night I only watched the first hour because I wanted to see GHI (Ghost Hunters International). The new judge seems ok to me. Cara somethingorother. Randy was his normal rude self by laughing at the people performing, which I hate.  Simon wasn’t too bad, although there were a few he declared terrible.  The highlight of the evening for my 12 year old son was ‘bikini girl’ ,who made her mother proud by being a ho on national tv.  I am sorry they moved her to the next round.  I will be glad when they get to Hollywood

Grey’s Anatomy:

I am loving Sloan and Little Grey.  The guy who played the serial killer, Eric Stoltz,  is such a terrific actor. In the sunday paper, I read that Denny isn’t really going to be dead. OhhhhK!    ’nuff said.

Well now that Yvonne has called and made me want to SCREAM for reasons I am not allowed to reveal, I am going to go and make my meatloaf.


4 responses to this post.

  1. I’m going to be up all night wondering what Yvonne did!


  2. mwahhahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa


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