This pretty much sums up my feelings anyway:

“February is merely as long as is needed to pass the time until March.”
–   Dr. J. R. Stockton

I am sick with a cold again. It’s driving me crazy.  I had about two weeks of feeling well the last two weeks of February.  I have hardly been out of the house since Christmas, between being sick  and snow.

Super Bowl XLIII Football

This CUTE, HAPPY BOY is Ben Roethlisberger. The quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers after winning the SUPERBOWL.

I guess the BIG PARADE for the Steelers is today in town (Pittsburgh).  No, I won’t be there.


So much yarn, so little time.

I am so happy that I have signed up for a lace knitting class at NATURAL STITCHES. Why? Because FRANKLIN is teaching it!  I can’t  wait to meet him.  I have his “little tome, ” It Itches”, which is a book of cartoons and essays for knitters.  If you don’t have it, you should.  He will be at Natural Stitches  for a book signing on February 28th and his class is on March 1st.

I am now working on the third incarnation of my  son’s afghan.  I think I have settled on the pattern now.  It’s a ripple, it’s crocheted, it looks good. One problem??? I will need more yarn before long and my LYS doesn’t carry it anymore, so I am going to have to order it online.

I am making a beautiful scarf from some beautiful malibrigo to match my malabrigo hat.  It is knitted in a waffle weave stitch and is coming along nicely.  I hope I finish it before spring. (The pattern is available as a free download on RAVELRY –look under malabrigo scarf.)

My son wants me to make him SACKBOY.  Sackboy is a character in the video game, Little Big Planet and Alan Dart has a pattern in Simply Knitting magazine.  sackboySackboy will not be knitting.  I thought it was kind of cute, the SIMPLY KNITTING (Issue 49), was in a basket in the bathroom and apparently he was reading it while he was in there. LOL.  He came out and said “MOM, CAN YOU MAKE ME THIS??”.  It just cracks me up that he was looking at a knitting magazine.  Then he also said there was a DARTH BILL in there, could I make that.  someone took the BARNACLE BILL PIRATE toy (by ALAN DART) and turned it into DARTH VADER.. or DARTH BILL as they call it.   Made me think of  “Chad Vader: Night Manager” on You Tube.  If you every have some time to waste, it’s pretty funny.

On the football theme, who on the Steelers could be nicknamed Sackboy?? LOL! I don’t know what made me think of that.

THE PITTSBURGH KNIT AND CROCHET FESTIVAL is the weekend of February 14th and 15th.  It’s at a new venue up in Cranberry.  Are you going?  I am going up Saturday with my friend, Sandie.  Alot of people don’t go because you have to pay an admission fee.  I think events like this should be supported or we won’t have events like this coming to our area.  I would like to take a crochet class that Robyn Chachula is teaching.  She is on both my FACEBOOK and RAVELRY friends list and I would like to meet her!!

OH! In case you didn’t know, the KNITTY SURPRISES are up!!

TELEVISION: The good news is that THE AMAZING RACE and SURVIVOR come back this month. ( The Amazing Race on Sunday, February 15th and Survivor on Thursday, February 12th) That will expand my television watching from  REAL STORIES OF THE HIGHWAY PATROL, COPS and OPERATION REPO.  LOL. My husband watches the Military Channel.  There are only so many times I can sit through HITLER’S BODYGUARDS.

My husband is turning 50 on February 13th.   I’ve known him for 36 years!!!! I met him when he was 14, started dating him when he was 17 and married him when he was 19.  I can’t even imagine.

Well, I guess I have updated enough for this post.  Have a good day!  Hopefully I will be back before MARCH.

Thanks for Noticing. (I don’t even know if more than two people read this anymore!!)


3 responses to this post.

  1. I feel like no one reads my blog anymore either. I’m so bad these days. I read blogs but never comment – one of the worst offenders. I guess I just don’t want to say anything meaningless. But a Hi never hurts to let people know you are out there.
    So that being said:
    Hi! Still reading just becoming more of a stalker less of a commenter….


  2. Posted by anne marie in philly on February 6, 2009 at 10:34 pm

    you will just LERVE franklin!

    he took my pix last april for his “1000 knitters” book (to be published 2009). he is a gentleman, a scholar, and a hunka hunka burning luv! don’t forget to give him a small memento of pittsburgh!

    congrats on winning the super bowl!

    sackboy is adorable!

    as for paying to attend a knitting event, damn straight (or gay)! you pay to attend a car show, a flower show, a yarn show, or (insert your favorite here). I will attend vicariously thru your posting!

    2/14 – phillies pitchers and catchers report for spring training; NOTHING says spring like the start of baseball season!!!!! screw the groundhog, just gimme my baseball boys!


  3. Hi Hon! I still pop in now and then, mostly see you on FB instead. 😉 Sack Boy isn’t on Wii yet, so I guess I’ll just have to wait until he is, and then I’ll have to go digging for that pattern when Drew wants one! 😛


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