I didn’t keep up with blogging  last year at all.  I hope 2010 is a better year for me emotionally.  I am going to try to blog.  It is good therapy.

2009 is behind us now. What will 2010 bring?  I don’t make resolutions, basically because I don’t ever keep them.  I have the same ideas every year:  Lose weight, clean the house, knit more, read more.

Christmas was very nice.  It was also quiet.  Usually is.  Since I have a small family, there is only the three of us and the three of them (my dad, my brother and sister-in-law.  I would say that this was my favorite christmas of many many years.  I didn’t stress out and didn’t overdo it.

Hey maybe the Paxil is working!

Maybe I will knit socks tonite while the new year comes in.  I have a pair going with Regia Kaffe Fasset yarn.  I have been messing around with them awhile, tried a pattern here, tried another one, ending  up making plain “vanilla” socks.  I like plain vanilla socks.  Colorful, plain vanilla socks.

One of the things I got for Christmas (from my bro) is a gift certificate to Natural Stitches.  I have restrained myself from running down to the store to use it until Brian goes back to school next week.  He really hates going to the yarn shop with me.  The only thing worse I think is making him go to a purse department.  Naturally I have enough yarn to last beyond my life expectancy already.

Brian and I went to see the new Alvin and the Chipmunk movie the other day.  It was really cute.  I thought the first one was cute and this one was too. It has girl chipmunks and they are just darling.  I could have stood to rent it –it cost $30 for the two of us to go. $12.50 to get in and $14.75 for two popcorns and one drink.  I think from now on I will wait and BUY the stupid movie instead of spending that much.

I also rented the movie G-FORCE from the REDBOX.  Love the REDBOX.  $1 for a movie!  G-FORCE was ok–not as cute as I expected. I mean, how can a movie about special agent guinea pigs not be good?  LOL!  I mean, come on!  It’s guinea pigs!!

One thing I am really enjoying is reading CAPLIN ROUS’s blog–CAPYBARA MADNESS.   Caplin Rous is a Capybara.  (Rous means rodent of unusual size–if you aren’t a PRINCESS BRIDE aficionado ).  If I could get my own capybara I would be thrilled.  Of course, my husband thinks two dogs, a guinea pig and two hermit crabs are quite enough.

My betta, Rupert, died the day after Christmas.  He was a good fish, very pretty blue fins, and he will be missed.

Well, that is enough rambling for this last day of 2009.

I hope you have a happy, healthy and prosperous new year!


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  1. SHE LIVES!!!


  2. Posted by Holly on January 7, 2010 at 2:37 pm

    I like vanilla socks. I ONLY knit vanilla socks. I have the vanilla pattern in my head and I just let the yarn do the talking. I refuse to have to think when I knit socks. I think I’ll start blogging again too. You motivated me!


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