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Freezing COLD Monday

Freezing cold seems to be all we are getting these days.  Today they didn’t have a delay for school, which seemed unusual, since they had one every day last week and canceled it on Friday.  I am risking sounding like one of those old guys –WHEN I WAS A KID…  I remember building walls of snow across the street for the buses to have to drive through;  I remember the snow being deep enough to dig a tunnel in the yard; I remember being lifted over a 2-3 foot wall across our driveway left by the snowplow so I could walk to the bus stop, which was not three feet from our door.  I just can’t believe what they cancel school for.

So after a freezing cold week and a freezing weekend, we are still freezing.  I am thankful I don’t have to go out, and I don’t plan to go out if I can help it.

Saturday I ventured from the iced over, frozen depths to go to THE WATERFRONT  to have lunch, see a movie and knit with my compadres.  We were a bit discombobulated as far as the timing was concerned.  We had a delicious lunch at PF CHANGS, where we partook in some nomulous noms.  I had sesame chicken, and the others had honey chicken, lemon chicken and somesort of lo mein.  Along with chicken lettuce wraps.  Desserts were mini tiramisu, mini great wall of china.  At this  point we declared it too late to go to the movies and went our separate ways for a short while where Heather went to JoAnns, Sandie to Costco, I went to Natural Stitches and we never did find out where Betsy and Leslie went.  After our individual shopping excursions we met at BORDERS in Monroeville and also acquired a couple more of  us, Donna and Caroline.  We spent the late afternoon and evening knitting and socializing in the Border’s Cafe.  We also gained another knitter along the way (whose name I didn’t get) and I was the one who accosted everyone entering the cafe’ so we could take a look at their knitwear.   It was a very nice day.

At Natural Stitches I used the giftcard I received as a Christmas gift to purchase 5 balls of Kertzer Marble  Chunky in the shade MAJESTY

This is going to be made into the Weekend Jacket

I originally was looking for the color shown on the pattern but when I saw the Majesty color I had to buy it.   Steven (at the store) said “this screams purple” and I said “well I scream purple!”

I spent Sunday doing what I usually do on Sunday –church, lunch, grocery store, nap —

So here we are to the middle of January already.  Everytime I hear those commercials that say “life comes at you fast”  I think, boy they aren’t kidding.

I need to get back to my monday redding up of the house.  Nothing was done over the weekend so there is alot to do.  I will be seeing you soon!

Thanks for noticing!.