This pretty much sums up my feelings anyway:

“February is merely as long as is needed to pass the time until March.”
–   Dr. J. R. Stockton

I am sick with a cold again. It’s driving me crazy.  I had about two weeks of feeling well the last two weeks of February.  I have hardly been out of the house since Christmas, between being sick  and snow.

Super Bowl XLIII Football

This CUTE, HAPPY BOY is Ben Roethlisberger. The quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers after winning the SUPERBOWL.

I guess the BIG PARADE for the Steelers is today in town (Pittsburgh).  No, I won’t be there.


So much yarn, so little time.

I am so happy that I have signed up for a lace knitting class at NATURAL STITCHES. Why? Because FRANKLIN is teaching it!  I can’t  wait to meet him.  I have his “little tome, ” It Itches”, which is a book of cartoons and essays for knitters.  If you don’t have it, you should.  He will be at Natural Stitches  for a book signing on February 28th and his class is on March 1st.

I am now working on the third incarnation of my  son’s afghan.  I think I have settled on the pattern now.  It’s a ripple, it’s crocheted, it looks good. One problem??? I will need more yarn before long and my LYS doesn’t carry it anymore, so I am going to have to order it online.

I am making a beautiful scarf from some beautiful malibrigo to match my malabrigo hat.  It is knitted in a waffle weave stitch and is coming along nicely.  I hope I finish it before spring. (The pattern is available as a free download on RAVELRY –look under malabrigo scarf.)

My son wants me to make him SACKBOY.  Sackboy is a character in the video game, Little Big Planet and Alan Dart has a pattern in Simply Knitting magazine.  sackboySackboy will not be knitting.  I thought it was kind of cute, the SIMPLY KNITTING (Issue 49), was in a basket in the bathroom and apparently he was reading it while he was in there. LOL.  He came out and said “MOM, CAN YOU MAKE ME THIS??”.  It just cracks me up that he was looking at a knitting magazine.  Then he also said there was a DARTH BILL in there, could I make that.  someone took the BARNACLE BILL PIRATE toy (by ALAN DART) and turned it into DARTH VADER.. or DARTH BILL as they call it.   Made me think of  “Chad Vader: Night Manager” on You Tube.  If you every have some time to waste, it’s pretty funny.

On the football theme, who on the Steelers could be nicknamed Sackboy?? LOL! I don’t know what made me think of that.

THE PITTSBURGH KNIT AND CROCHET FESTIVAL is the weekend of February 14th and 15th.  It’s at a new venue up in Cranberry.  Are you going?  I am going up Saturday with my friend, Sandie.  Alot of people don’t go because you have to pay an admission fee.  I think events like this should be supported or we won’t have events like this coming to our area.  I would like to take a crochet class that Robyn Chachula is teaching.  She is on both my FACEBOOK and RAVELRY friends list and I would like to meet her!!

OH! In case you didn’t know, the KNITTY SURPRISES are up!!

TELEVISION: The good news is that THE AMAZING RACE and SURVIVOR come back this month. ( The Amazing Race on Sunday, February 15th and Survivor on Thursday, February 12th) That will expand my television watching from  REAL STORIES OF THE HIGHWAY PATROL, COPS and OPERATION REPO.  LOL. My husband watches the Military Channel.  There are only so many times I can sit through HITLER’S BODYGUARDS.

My husband is turning 50 on February 13th.   I’ve known him for 36 years!!!! I met him when he was 14, started dating him when he was 17 and married him when he was 19.  I can’t even imagine.

Well, I guess I have updated enough for this post.  Have a good day!  Hopefully I will be back before MARCH.

Thanks for Noticing. (I don’t even know if more than two people read this anymore!!)



The boy is off school today, so I am sharing computer time with him.

I am FINALLY done being sick. I just hope it stays that way.


I have been crocheting this month. I need to replace a couple dishcloths that got ratty and I crochet alot quicker than I knit. I whipped up three of them while watching tv.  I am also working on the never-ending, ever pattern changing afghan for my son. It is crocheted too.


I watched THE CEMETARY SHOW on Netflix, which is done by Rick Sebak. He is a local documentarian.  I enjoy his programs and this is one I hadn’t seen.  It is naturally about CEMETARIES.  Very interesting.

I also watched SONG OF BERNADETTE on Netflix, which is an old movie with Jennifer Jones in it.  It is one of my all time favorite movies.  I actually have a VHS tape of it, but saw it was on the list and decided to watch it.  IT is about the Catholic saint, Saint Bernadette.  I am not Catholic, so I guess it is odd that I like this movie.  It is a story of great faith and great faithfulness.

Another movie of great faith that I love,  is THE  INN OF THE SIXTH HAPPINESS.  It is again a story of faith, with Ingrid Bergman starring as the female lead.

Both of these movies are on the instant watch section of netflix.

I also watched the first episode of BIG LOVE –I guess it was the pilot.  I thought it was alot like  DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES.  I liked it well enough but not enough to watch the rest of them.  BTW, if you are inclined, I do believe it come back with a new season on  HBO, maybe tonite.

American Idol:

I watched the first night (2 hrs) and the second night I only watched the first hour because I wanted to see GHI (Ghost Hunters International). The new judge seems ok to me. Cara somethingorother. Randy was his normal rude self by laughing at the people performing, which I hate.  Simon wasn’t too bad, although there were a few he declared terrible.  The highlight of the evening for my 12 year old son was ‘bikini girl’ ,who made her mother proud by being a ho on national tv.  I am sorry they moved her to the next round.  I will be glad when they get to Hollywood

Grey’s Anatomy:

I am loving Sloan and Little Grey.  The guy who played the serial killer, Eric Stoltz,  is such a terrific actor. In the sunday paper, I read that Denny isn’t really going to be dead. OhhhhK!    ’nuff said.

Well now that Yvonne has called and made me want to SCREAM for reasons I am not allowed to reveal, I am going to go and make my meatloaf.

The Anti-craft

The Anticraft has a new issue up.  It only has one knitting project in it, but it is a very nice shawl.

Mid-week musings

Howdy, here I am again. I am getting back into the swing of things, getting things updated and stuff.

How is this happening?  Well…the kid is back to school and I am feeling 98% better than I was for the last couple weeks. Also I have my own personal rainbow!!!

My own personal rainbow

My own personal rainbow

As you see, it is shining right down the center of my calendar.  It really does take very little to please me.

I went out to lunch with Betsy today. It was nice to see a human person (not that the ones I live with aren’t human, but you know, sometimes you wonder what planet they are from). I haven’t seen anyone since before Christmas.

This was the gift I made for Brian to give his teacher. Every year, except for one, I gave them a knitted item (usually a scarf of some sort)

Cowl I made for Brian's teacher for Christmas.

Cowl I made for Brian's teacher for Christmas.

Pattern: Birthday Cowl (available as a free pattern on Ravelry)

Yarn: Angora Extra (angora/wool/nylon)

The yarn was lovely to feel. You had to be a little careful knitting with it, because if you tugged on it a little it snapped and then you had another end to weave in. I liked the pattern very much. It’s easy peasy, free and attractive. I bought some Malabrigo Worsted to make one for myself. It’s good tv knitting.



I also gifted myself with some lovely Lorna’s Laces sock yarn in the PANOPTICON colorway.

OOOh Ahhhhh - Lorna's Laces -The Panopticon

OOOh Ahhhhh - Lorna's Laces -The Panopticon

I was so THRILLED to buy this (for myself) until I told Yvonne and she said “oh, i was giving you that for Christmas”…. 😦    So I ruined Christmas for myself.      my bad.

and last but not least:

Jethro doing what he does best.

Jethro doing what he does best.

He is wondering why it has gotten cold outside.

They are saying snow tonite.  We shall see.  It would be a nice change of pace from the rain, that’s for sure.

Have a good day, and thanks for noticing!

Good Morning

Not a whole lot going on here. I have been sick since Christmas night, but am finally showing some improvement.

Haven’t done any knitting, I haven’t felt well enough.  I was finishing this cabled bag that was a UFO for about 2 years probably, and when I put the handles on I hated it, so I cut the handles off and threw it in the garbage. Bye Bye!  I hated the yarn. The cabling looked nice. I knew it was something I would never use so it got pitched.

Started knitting ABSORBA from the MASON DIXON KNITTING BOOK to use up some cotton yarn, since I have about 10 kazillion balls of it.  I love the pattern, but I do want it in the solid color, like in the book, I am not crazy about the color switching.  I will take a picture when I make more progress.

Started reading a book, but again, wasn’t feeling well enough.

What I did do the past couple days is build a jigsaw puzzle.  That is something I like doing and haven’t done in a long time.  When we were first married and had no cable or money, we did that alot; built puzzles, played YAHTZEE. That was our entertainment.  We got too busy to do that kind of stuff over time.  Now thinking of that got me thinking about some things.

I love jigsaw puzzles and crossword puzzles and sudoku puzzles and logic puzzles and the like.  Is this something that is going to fade out with “my” generation?  They say newspapers and magazines are going to the wayside because people get their news from the internet.  Will puzzles and other forms of written entertainment go with them?  Now electronic devices like the Nintendo DS have “brain exercising” games. Even books–now there are electronic reading devices and audio books.  Just got me thinking a little bit.  Do younger people do puzzles and things?  I am on the younger side of  being old, but I can see some things that I think “oh that’s for young people”.

I am glad the younger people have embraced knitting and the whole creative arts community.  Kids (of knitters) anyway, are being brought up  with creative minds. One of the gals I knit with (I think gals is a stupid word, but thought girls sounds even dumber) is a teacher in a middle school setting, and has been teaching kids to knit.  They are excited and grabbing on to it like kids in a candy store. My son has had some decent art teachers during his time in school (he’s now in the 6th grade) He has been exposed to alot of interesting art concepts and creative resources.  I love going to a show of some kind (like Handmade Arcade) where indie fiber artists have their products.  It is exciting and encouraging.  If you are reading this and have children or grandchildren, I hope you are kindling a spark of creativity in them. That is one of the things that will define the future.

Thanks for listening.

Happy New Year!

Well, at least New Years Eve.

No, I haven’t been here for awhile. Nothing to say.

Now, I can hear you laughing and saying under your breath “oh yeah, Cheryl, with nothing to say!” but really, nothing interesting in my opinion.

When I throw myself into this depression thing, I am not the ordinarily fun and cheery person that you know.  I become this, as my son calls it “13itch” (because the 1 and the 3 make a b–ya know??).  Now he doesn’t call ME that because he knows I will start crying and he hates when I cry, but he told me about people online that write 13itch.  I think that’s kind of funny.

Tonite is the last day of the year..  On the other side of the year it’s already 2009, but here in the USofA it is still 2008.  My son is going all night bowling with his cousins. I will be at home worrying about him being gone and coughing.  Hubbo is driving him down to his brother’s and then picking him back up at 2 AM, so this evening will probably spent watching some crap on the military channel.

Christmas was nice and quiet and is in the past.  We saw someone at Target carrying a Christmas tree and B remarked about them buying a tree now, and I said “FOR NEXT YEAR”, Oh.  I’ve been sick since Christmeas night, so I have spent most of the time from last week to this medicated, sleeping and coughing.  I haven’t seen anyone (sorry peeps, I missed knitting with you!) and haven’t really gone anywhere because I just haven’t been up to it.
I did however PROMISE my son I would take him to the movies while he was off school for christmas, so heavily medicated and loaded with kleenex and coughdrops did we a go.  We saw BEDTIME STORIES, which is the new movie that is out with  Adam Sandler in it.  WE LOVED IT!!  It was funny and touching and we loved it.  The critics are panning it, well I figured going in it wasn’t Shakespeare.  Ignore the critics and if you like to laugh, go see it.  It’s a sweet story.

2008 past.  Time flew like crazy.  You know they always say that time goes faster as you get older.  I believe it.  A little run down of 2008?  I finished 11 knitting projects. I read 50 books.  I went to MSWF ( Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival) on the bus from KnitOne.  (We already have plans to go next year driving down for the day –I said I am not going by myself  in 2009). I went to quilt guild with my friend, Kathy, and made one quilt top (which I have to put the back on yet). We started going to a different church after about 26 years at the other one.

My last year’s resolution was to not buy any books at the bookstore.  I was to either get it from the library or from paperbackswap.com– I did pretty good, I only bought a couple paperbacks.  Knitting books did not count.

I liked that resolution. I will try it again this year. It saved me a heck of alot of money.

I didn’t lose weight…big surprise…there is always the next year.  I’ve been saying that for about 30 years now.

So any big ideas for 2009?

Nah, I hope to stay as sane as I can be.

Knit more.

Talk less.

Eat better.

Love completely.

HAPPY NEW YEAR MY FRIENDS!  I hope your old year was a good one and hope your new one is HAPPY, HEALTHY and PROSPEROUS. I love you all.

Thanks for noticing.

December 11th

Well, I haven’t been here for a while. THe holiday season always gets to me..all the hoopla, all the drama.  It starts for me about the day before Thanksgiving and goes until after the first of January.  I understand the reason for the season, I don’t need to be reminded.  There are things I enjoy about the holidays, the lights, the tree.  But I am looking forward to it all being over… the expectations, the arguments in families, the disappointments.

On top of it all today is my mother’s birthday.  I spent the day asleep and got up when my son got home from school.  I miss her terribly.  I don’t know why I can’t get over this.

Tonite will be tv (SURVIVOR) and knitting. I am knitting the pattern BIRTHDAY COWL for Brian’s teacher.  It’s turning out nicely, but the yarn, an angora, wool, nylon blend breaks easily, which is a pain in the behind.

So I thought I’d stop in just to say hello and hope your holidays meet all of your expectations.

Thanks for noticing.